Ivan Fehrenbach
In addition to the books mentioned
on the
Translation page, I have
published articles and essays in a
number of magazines and journals,
including each of the publications
shown at the bottom of this page.  
The topics are as varied as grouse
hunting, building my own house,
and presidential inaugural
addresses.  See
Writings to read
some examples.
Peafowl on my land.  I have a number of other fowl
joining my dog on the farm, and various gardens that
have become part of another company, The United
States of Food.  See
I was also selected to be a contributor at the Bread Loaf
Writers' Conference in Vermont, a selective gathering of
professional writers, editors and publishers.  There I
worked on my current novel,
Dead on the Board, which
will be circulating this winter.

Short fiction of mine was long-listed in the Fish
International Short Story Prize and won Honorable
Mention in the Writers’ Workshop “Words of Love”
Contest.   A story of mine was a finalist in the New York
Law Journal's Fiction Contest.
I am also a practicing attorney and a member of the
Virginia Bar.   
See an article I wrote about my
traditional path
towards learning law.  I was also quoted
in a
NY Times article about my law school experience.  
Our firm's
website is: www.lawyerwilliamsburg.com
Dead on the Board is a literary suspense
novel about Hollin Strand, an insatiable
but unfocused young man who discovers a
passion for horse-racing.  As he attempts
to gamble his way out of debt, his
meticulous study of thoroughbreds leads
him to suspect foul play in an important
race.  He poses as a reporter, initially for
the purpose of sharpening his
handicapping skills, and begins searching
for evidence to confirm his suspicions.